Project Development

Lampl Business Center, Bangkok


Lampl Business Center at Exchange Tower offers A-grade offices in a prime location in downtown Bangkok. A covered interlinks gives convenient access to both the skytrain and underground (Asoke Station) transport systems, avoiding the nuisances of sun, rain and traffic.


In addition to its high-quality office space, the building also provides a diverse selection of retail outlets, including restaurants, coffee shops, banks, pharmacies, a fitness center, and more.


We are fully aware of the importance of image in the modern world of business.
With that in mind, we have strived to make sure that all our functional areas offer an attractive and professional impression, be it reception area, coffee corner, meeting rooms, or the prestigious board room.

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Fantasy Park


The Fantasy Park Hua Hin is unique in its form in Hua Hin as well as in Thailand.
The facility is located approximately 8 kilometre from Hua Hin‘s city centre and roughly 10 minutes away from the city‘s seaside resorts and the royal residence. Well developed infrastructure allows for easy accessibility of the park.


The centrepiece of the park is the elephant village, which accomodates the soul of the facility, the 50 elephants.


The brain behind the business concept is the owner, who already successfully operates three elephant camps in Thailand over the last few decades.


In the surroundings of the elephant family a zoo, a petting zoo, a riding school including a horse stable, a replica of Stonehenge, and farmed land with more than 100 sheep has been developed. The zoo already accomodates several tigers and bears, while the petting zoo includes rabbits as well as other small animals to pet, and the horse barn houses more than 20 local horses.


A building complex with a footprint of more than 2000 m², constructed in traditional Thai style, will serve as an additional centrepiece of the park. The building was errected using traditional reclaimed wood, particularly teak wood, and is approaching completion. It will serve as the event centre of the park and host the dining-event, which is expected to become the second Cash Cow of the park, supplementing the elephant village.


The owner is already experienced in hosting these dining experience events as they have until recently been held in the current/ previous elephant village, which is/ was located on temple grounds. Albeit holding these dining events on a smaller scale than planned in the future, they became too commercially successful and were consequently thought to be in discrepancy with their location on buddhist temple grounds.


Roughly 85% of the Fantasy Park is already completed and is approaching at least a partial startup of operations. The majority of the animals are likewise already located in the park.
As part of the overall concept the construction of a Hotel – Resort facility has been conceived, which in turn is envisaged to be operated by the Fantasy Park Co. Ltd. Simultaneously to the construction of the Resort the final 15% of the park will be completed, and include the involvement and consultation of internationally leading zoos in order to ensure state of the art animal facilities at the Fantasy Park.


The investment appraisal already includes all additional investment amounts needed for the essential infrastructure of the Hotel – Resort facility. Envisioned is a minor adaptation of the nearly completed 2000 m² building complex to facilitate the extended usage of the common areas lobby and restaurant. Furthermore, an additional recreational area including a public pool is planned to be developed in proximity to the common areas.


The Hotel – Resort – Duplex houses will be constructed on the land plot adjacent to the Fantasy Park and belongs to the same land owners. Built with a mixture of modern and traditional Thai elements, the up to 300 units shall be sold to investors as investment property, while the operation of these long-term asset pools will be managed by the Fantasy Park Co. Ltd.



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