Some selected events

Signing Party

Dr. Peter Lampl and the CEO from SOHO are signing a cooperation agreement.

Network Events

Focus on Bangkok, Thailand and Neighbouring countries at LAMPL BUSINESS CENTER, Exchange Tower is a hot spot for meeting people and making business contact and networking.

BPI Events

The team from BPI and PPA is always in contact with people, customers, developers and investors … these guys know what is going on in Bangkok, Thailand and the neighbouring countries.

VPP Events

New Life for YOUR Cells

VPP is a a unique energetic system, developed by Professor Weimann, and the results are unbelievable and fantastic, the system in general .


-> Boost’s the immune system
-> Raises the overall quality of life
-> Activate the body’s self-healing capacities


Prof. Weimann and his Team presents the new generation of VPP products and systems.


Some selected delegations


Focus on Thailand organized a business trip to Cambodia together with the Austrian ambassador on behalf of Austrian companies.


Austrian business people from Graz and Styria at the Austrian Expo Pavilion, the trip and the event was organized by Lampl Consulting.


Delegation from Leoben visits Lampl Competence Center.

Viet Nam

Austrian politicians open doors for Austrian and German business people in Viet Nam.


Built up strong relationship to Hangzhou Business community.